Sparrow painting: exploring acrylics

Recently, I have been experimenting with acrylics, taking a break from oils. I have a friend who is a wonderful photographer, and with her permission used part of a photo she took as a reference (photo was by K. Gasper) for a bird painting in acrylics.

My impressions of acrylic versus oils:

I enjoyed the incredible detail that I could get with the acrylics and how quickly it dried, so that building up layers was easier. What was hard was that I couldn’t blend as easily (the sky took forever, I actually touched it up a bit with a light layer of oils afterwards).

The painting went a lot faster (I was done with most of it in a few hours of painting, because I didn’t have to wait for a layer to dry first). Cleanup was a lot faster and easier, too (just water) and there was no chemical smell from the solvents used with oils.

I will be trying some more experiments with acrylics in the next few weeks.

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One thought on “Sparrow painting: exploring acrylics

  1. It’s just getting used to them and practicing blending with them. I use acrylics in life sessions and sometimes find that acrylics dont dry fast enough.
    I like the volume you’ve got in the bird – like it’s just ruffled its feathers.

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