Meadow Flowers: Learning Acrylics

As noted before, I am starting to explore acrylics. I love the details and vibrant colors. Below is a 16 X 20″ painting on canvas wrap that I just finished, called “Meadow Flowers”.

The actual painting is a lot more vibrant; someday I will learn how to do a proper photo.

I used a limited palette: ultramarine blue, Hooker Green, Cadmium red medium, Hansen Yellow, Burnt Umber, Burnt Sienna and Titanium white. I love how quickly the painting dried (like, immediately!).

I will continue to share how the experimenting goes.

8 responses to “Meadow Flowers: Learning Acrylics”

  1. I love the transition from shade to light and the way you`ve painted the flowers in light. I`m just a bit concerned with the foreground. Could it do with more flowers?Some overlapping – they seem dotted about and the foliage could do with some variety, stalks and leaves and some buds and flower heads going to seed, perhaps. Or vary the flower sizes?
    It`s a lovely idea, it could be a competition winner with more in the foreground.

  2. Lovely painting. I too have difficulty with showing the brightness of my acrylic paintings in a photo . Would you ever varnish ? I wouldn’t know how to start , but some people say it must be done , to protect the surface .

  3. Thank you for your comment, and also your empathy; it helps to know other artists also battle this issue. I currently don’t varnish, but have been thinking about it. I would need someone to explain exactly how, in person, since reading how to do it doesn’t mean I would be able to get a professional quality finish….:)

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