Titmouse revisited

Since I am learning acrylics now, after years of working in oils, I decided to re-paint my titmouse painting in acrylic. This was a fun project, and I learned some things about acrylics doing this.

titmouse on a branch painting by Yeshuas Child Art
Titmouse on a Branch, acrylic painting, 10″ X 10″ canvas board

As usual, I used a limited palette (titanium white, hansa yellow, yellow ochre, ultramarine blue, burnt umber and burnt sienna). I found it was a bit difficult to get a good color blend on the feathers and sky; I had to keep redoing in layers instead of simply blending together as I did in oils. But I finally got the effect I wanted. It was a lot faster painting in acrylics, since I didn’t have to wait for my layers to dry.

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