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World’s Strangest Looking White Flower

I decided to give myself a challenge, and paint a white flower that really does look like this.

white flower acrylic painting by Yeshuas Child Art

Okay, some of you will think “Darn, that’s an ugly flower” (like my friend did), but it was a great painting challenge, with lots of lights and darks. I used a limited palette (titanium white, ultramarine blue, alizarin; yellow ochre, Hansa yellow, Hooker green, and burnt umber).

I think it is so…strange…it’s oddly beautiful.

5 responses to “World’s Strangest Looking White Flower”

  1. No…it’s not ugly at all. On the contrary, it’s very lovely. Just one question, what’s the size of the canvas? (It’s rather difficult for me to visualise from the photo)

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