How to paint an Egret in acrylics: Lesson 2

In the previous post, I shared how I start an acrylic bird painting. In this lesson, I will show the next steps.

Next, I start refining my lights and darks, and mid-tones, correcting where needed. I use mainly the palette I mentioned in lesson 1: titanium white, burnt umber, burnt sienna, ultramarine blue, payne’s grey, with a bit of yellow ochre added to the white for highlights. I also put in the eye, refine the beak, and start adding color to the wings and shadowed areas.

Great egret mid-tones and whites acrylic painting

The rest of the process is simply continuing adding lights, darks and mid-tones. I add lines to block in the feathers, and continue to darken as needed. Below is the finished painting.

Great Egret taking off, acrylic, 11 X 14 inches

Please let me know if you have any questions about the process; I hope this is helpful for those who love to watch – and paint -birds.

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