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Revival coming: prophetic art

Recently, I had a series of dreams/visions in the middle of the night. This painting is based on one that I had. Below the picture is the explanation:

angel of revival acrylic painting prophetic art
Revival Angel, acrylic, 11 X 15 inxches

In the dream/vision, I saw the world, and while there were small areas of light, there was a lot of darkness. Then, as I watched, I saw angels come, carrying torches. They were lighting different areas around the globe, and as I watched, I realized that the angels were bringing revival to churches around the world. It was beautiful beyond belief, to see the blazes light up.

I realized that this will be a huge revival, such as never has been seen before. It was incredibly hopeful to see this, and it will be coming soon!

My prophetic art is very different from my bird or nature art, because I am trying to paint from visual memory, instead of a reference or in plein aire. I didn’t know how to depict the dozens of angels, so I decided to try to paint just one.

Good things are coming!

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  1. This is Shannon from BRad n Shannon Garret on Facebook Created to Thrive New members group! This painting and your writing brought the Holy Spirit straight to me as I sat here reading what you wrote. Wow! Thank you! May God bless you and continue to use you!

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