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The Music Room of Heaven

acrylic painting of people playing musical instruments in heaven
In the Music Room of Heaven, acrylic, 16 inches x 20 inches

I have had a series of dreams over a period of several weeks. This painting is based on one.

In my dream/vision (hard to tell which, happened at night when sleeping but seemed so real), I was with a close friend, and we were in a room where there was music playing, it had a lot of musical instruments, like a huge music room; it was beautiful. It had huge windows with light streaming in, and polished floors of a light wood that were beautiful, almost glowing. People were singing in one corner; people and angels were playing instruments. There was a piano, where someone was playing. I said, “Wow, I would like to be able to play like that.” Jesus nodded to the person; they stepped aside, and I sat down, and began playing like I never could on earth; it was beautiful, joyful music. Then, I stepped aside, gave it back to the person, and thanked them; they continued playing.
There was a violinist there, playing beautifully. My friend who was with me told Jesus, “I wish we could bring these instruments back to earth with us.” Jesus let her know that people of all ages come to this room to play instruments. I asked, “So you have music lessons here?” and Jesus said “We have everything here.” Heaven has everything; there is nothing lacking. Then, we had a vision inside this vision; we saw children come running in, to play music; they were filled with excitement and anticipation and joy. On earth, the words and melody are separate; here, when someone plays, you have a tune, but it also is so rich, the words are known as well, you “hear” them inside of you as the music plays. We listened to the different music that was played. Jesus said “I want you to store these songs up.” They were songs of encouragement; of war; of love for the Father; it was an incredible worship session.
Sometimes a soloist played, sometimes a group. Sometimes, we heard people, sometimes angels make music; it was mainly people, though.
I heard someone playing a flute, the music was beautiful, and then I was given a scroll, that turned into a little silver scroll to put on a charm bracelet; the scroll had music notes on it. The person playing gave me her song that she was playing, as a gift. When I unhooked the charm from the bracelet, it became a full-sized scroll again, with the music notes. Jesus said “Teach others this song, too.” It was a song about the Lamb (Jesus) helping us to overcome every hardship we encounter. The person playing the flute was playing the song of an overcomer.
I then heard a man singing in a rich, resonant voice. When he was singing, it sounded like there was music in the background, even though he wasn’t playing an instrument. He sang “When you go through the valleys, go through trials, it’s all worthwhile, in the riches of God’s presence.” He then grabbed a note from his song, and put it on my bracelet as a charm; it was a tiny note that chimed a note from his song.
Then, the person at the piano beckoned me up to sit next to her and we played a duet; we both knew the exact notes to play together. It was a song of worship and love to God. After it was over, I had tears streaming down my face. She touched the piano, and then put a small piano charm on my bracelet, to remember the song we played together.
My friend playing the violin was playing a song of victory on her violin; it was like a battle song. She was full of joy.
Then we saw a band playing lively music, and a young man in a tuxedo was the conductor; we saw him from the back, he was practically dancing as he conducted. He turned and grinned at us, and we saw that it was another friend I have lost touch with over the years. Later, he gave my friend a miniature conductor’s baton as a charm for her bracelet.
Then, we heard the sound of drumming; we hadn’t noticed the drums in the room before. There were two people in their late teens, a boy and a girl, together, and they were playing drums. The violinist played her violin to accompany it in the background, and gradually others joined in, but the drums were the lead. It was beautiful, a song of encouragement, that said that no one who has chosen to put Jesus first has ever lost anything. In the background, a trumpet played; it said that “God is faithful; no one who God has appointed will fail to finish the work God has given him to do”; “it’s in our DNA; we can finish the race; we can finish the works”.
The teens played the drums together, in different patterns, and the words were “Don’t give up; God hears your prayers; He hears your prayers.” Then, the drumming turned into the rhythms of nature, the sheer beauty of nature that expressed God: the vibration of molecules; the vibration of rain drops, of wind patterns, the wind across the earth; the leaves falling; the seasons, and words like “even when a grain of wheat falls; see God, He’s incredible, He’s wonderful” came to mind as we heard it. Jesus tapped His foot to the drumming.
Then the drumming changed to a song about the cross, the blood of Jesus, of reconciliation with God the Father, the giving of the Holy Spirit; then it changed to a song of pure joy. My friend ran over to the two teens; they gave her two small drums, and a silver charm for her bracelet. They said “We’re so glad to be born to such a time as this”.
It was all beautiful, awesome and wonderful to experience. I thanked Jesus later for letting me see this, and for the gift of hearing these songs. I realized that He wanted me to understand that music and worship help us to understand the beauty of God, and various aspects of who He is, through the experience.

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