The Marriage Feast of the Lamb

This painting is based on a dream/vision that I had a few weeks ago. The explanation is below.

acrylic painting of the wedding feast of the lamb
Wedding Feast of the Lamb, acrylic and swaroski crystal, 16 X 20 inches

Wedding Feast of the Lamb

After the battle, we saw a feast: the wedding feast of the Lamb. The table was huge, it was long, and stretched out for miles, all the way to the horizon. It was covered with beautiful snowy white linen, that was embroidered in white thread with scenes of man’s relationship with God, starting with Adam and Eve, up until the present. Adam and Eve were there, too, at the head of the table with Jesus; He was at the head. Others from the Bible were there, too, along with other believers, all laughing and talking and joking together, enjoying the food and fellowship.

The plates and silverware were made of pure translucent gold, it shimmered; the goblets look like they were made from diamond. The food was fantastic. Toasts were made, one after another; many to Jesus, God the Father, and Holy Spirit first. Then, people began toasting one another, and God’s faithfulness to them; everyone was eager to hear each other’s stories that honored acts of love for God they had done, and testimonies of God’s goodness. There was cake, too, and a present beside each plate. When people opened it, each was given a crown, each was different and beautiful; we knew that later Jesus would be taking each person to the Father, who would place the crown on their head.  The verse from Hebrews came to mind, that God is restoring our faith. Each person will have a crowning ceremony, and the angels will cheer, and clap, and others will, too. Jesus was showing us what the final outcome will be, after the great battle. This feast was wonderful, and joyful beyond belief.

Note: Please be aware that I do not fully understand what I saw in this; it is not meant to be used to base a theology on. I am trying to describe – and paint – what seems almost indescribable. What I do know is that it means that God has good things planned for us!

On the process: I wanted to depict the sense of glory, honor and delight as everyone is turned towards God, and toasting Him and the Lamb and the Holy Spirit. I used swarovski crystals to show the royalty and beauty present. I realize that I did not depict food, but wanted to show the beauty of the plates and chairs by using gold paint. People are going to want to know what the images on the table are: on the right, is Jesus pulling a man whose hand is extended to Him, out of water where he was drowning. In the middle one is an angel pouring out healing oil. The third one shows Jesus holding a tiny baby that was unwanted, and comforting it, telling the baby He loves him. The fourth shows Mt. Sinai in the clouds.

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