Jesus Healing a Woman

I have come to believe that Jesus heals today, because of what I have seen in the lives of friends and my own life (I had plantar fascitis, very painful for a year, it was healed instantly a few months ago). I wanted to create a picture that shows how Jesus heals, and this was the result.

Jesus healing a woman acrylic painting
Jesus Healing a Woman, acrylic, 16 X 20 inches

My goal was to depict the love and delight in the two figures, and to show the contrast between the darkness (the despair that illness can bring) and the light when Jesus shows up, and we encounter Him.

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Professional artist specializing in oil paintings of birds and nature.

2 thoughts on “Jesus Healing a Woman

  1. Art often leaves you cold. But this has such depth. Like I can feel clearly how woman with the issue of blood felt when she touched the hem of jesus robe. The light of the world fanned into flame the heart of the woman. The connection was made her spirit to God’s spirit a union like the great character of Abraham tiny mustard seed of faith like we all possess. But her unbelief bank had been emptied as she realized Jesus died for her sins specifically on the cross. He whispered I love you (name). Your faith has healed you

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