Empowerment (Prophetic Art)

A few months ago, I had a series of dreams. This painting is based on one.

horse and rider galloping across the globe acrylic painting
Empowerment, acrylic, 16 X 20 inches

Photo credit for horse: Karen Broemmelsick (used with permission)

Here’s the dream:

In this part of the vision, Jesus brought me a horse; it was large, powerful, beautiful. He said to me to get on it. I was a little afraid, and said “I don’t have a bridle; and this horse looks big and powerful.” Jesus said “Don’t be afraid.” So at His urging, I got on, and the horse started running quickly with me; it was fun, and I started laughing with joy. Whatever I asked the horse to do, it did, I just had to think it. Jesus laughed, and pointed, and said “Go to Africa” and off I galloped; He then said “Go to Asia” and I laughed and galloped off. He said various countries, such as Canada, etc., and the horse went to each place. Finally, I came back, jumped off the horse, and said “Wow, what a ride!” I asked Jesus “What is the name of the horse” and He said “Empowerment (with authority).” He said “It’s fun when I empower you, isn’t it?” and He laughed. He said “I didn’t give you these gifts for nothing”; He was addressing my fear of being old and useless, and the fact that He can empower me to do what He asks.

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