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The Wind of the Spirit (prophetic painting)

This is another dream/vision I had a few months ago (a few days before Yom Kippur). This one had a strong call to prayer.

Wind of Holy Spirit across the land, acrylic painting

“Wind of the Spirit” acrylic, 11 X 14 inches

This is another dream/vision I had a few months ago (a few days before Yom Kippur). This one had a strong call to prayer.

Wind of Holy Spirit

A rushing wind came, and picked me up. It placed me on a mountaintop, and then Holy Spirit was next to me. He asked me, “How do you like the view?” I said, “It’s beautiful, but I’m a little scared of heights” (I was referring to my fears of seeing the future since it is a bit overwhelming to me). He put His hand on my shoulder, and said “I am with you; be not afraid.”  Below was a gorgeous vista; I could see fields, valleys, mountain ranges, rivers; kind of like when you are up in a plane looking far below. I asked Him, “Where are we?” He said “Mount Moriah”.

Then I knelt and went face down in awe. Holy Spirit put His hands on my shoulders, and told me to stand up and look. He said “This is the mountain where I visited with the prophets of old.” I was shaky, because I was in awe and couldn’t understand why this was happening to me; I felt completely unworthy. Holy Spirit blew gently on me, and I was able to stand. Then, I saw a rushing wind, that was covering the earth. The wind began to blow faster and faster. It looked almost like water, I could see the wind as it covered the land, it was physically tangible. I knew as I watched that it was blowing over the whole earth.

The wind was the voice of God, the prophetic going over the whole earth. God said “I am speaking more clearly and loudly to mankind than I ever have, before the final judgment.” As the wind continued to blow, I saw other things; not just the prophetic in the church, but also in nature, and also signs in the heavens and earth; I saw political movements; God seemed to be saying “Hey, look at this.” He doesn’t want His coming to be without plenty of notice. He was showing that there will be signs and wonders all over the earth, including the outpouring of miracles. It will be like living in the book of Acts, but even more, even better.

Wherever the wind blew, people had encounters with God. People were falling on their knees in repentance in the streets; it was like seeing the great revivals in the past. No one had to speak or preach to them; He was drawing them to Him. There were millions upon millions, a billion people coming to God. As people came to the LORD, I heard singing start, a beautiful song started to be sung over the whole earth. There was lots of angelic activity, too. The song was beautiful, of pure worship and thanks to the Lamb of God, to Holy Spirit, to God the Father, in gratitude for what He is doing, and will do; and for His goodness and mercy to men. It was incredibly beautiful and wonderful to see and hear.

As the wind was blowing, it was cleaning trash and litter off the streets; it was even purifying the air and water. Some people were wondering if this was the messianic kingdom come to earth, because there were wonderful changes occurring with the revival. There were miracles in nature as well, as the wind blew; some of the destroyed ecosystems healed as people prayed for their restoration. Plants grew back; the waters purified; the fish reappeared in the rivers and waters overnight. These were tangible miracles that could be seen. In fact, as I watched, I saw some universities send people to study what was going on, because the reports seemed unbelievable to the scientists, and they wanted to check the reports out. The miracles were being reported in the media. God was blessing the earth tremendously as the wind blew. It was cleaning and purifying wherever it blew. It seemed as if the healing in nature corresponded to the healing of the people’s hearts. As they came to know the LORD, they had the faith to pray for miracles in their city or region. I saw the people who came to the LORD begin blowing from their mouths, in concert with the great wind blowing. Rain started coming to some desert regions. Ideas for new technologies that were safe and clean, and also that could be used to restore the land, were coming in dreams and visions to people everywhere. Even weather and flood patterns normalized and stabilized.

After that, things changed. Some people were running away from the wind. They called it a “destructive tornado”. They took shelter underground from it. Some people were wearing anti-wind gear. They said the “tornado” had to be stopped before it destroyed the world. They tried to erect “anti-wind shields”. The wind was still blowing, and the frightened people were trying to block it. It was really incredibly sad to see, I started crying when I saw this reaction; I couldn’t understand why they didn’t see that the wind was wonderful.

Where the people erected these anti-wind barriers, their city began to sicken and die, and became darker again. The waters became muddy, and it looked like the blessings were reversed, it was so intense. There were other areas where the wind was still blowing, and the blessing continued on the city or land. The contrast between the two was very dramatic. It was visible; you could physically see the difference. The people whose cities were dark and muddied blamed it on the “destructive tornado” instead of their actions. They tried to get others to erect shields, and tried to stop people from disagreeing, who changed their minds, who wanted to get out from under the shields. They even put guards and militia near the fences, and shot people who tried to leave or get around the barriers. Increasing numbers of shields were put up; but there were still areas where there were none.

I also saw people praying that the shields would come down. When they did; there would be openings in it, and people could get out. Holy Spirit turned to me and said “Tell my people to pray.” The vision ended then, and He then taught me more about what I had seen. He explained that these were signs of what was to occur; that many would believe that the Kingdom of God was established on earth during the Great Revival. He said it was a forerunner, and foretaste, of what God will one day do. But He warned me that a time of great testing would follow soon after, that Satan would do everything he could to stop the revival and blessings, and would stir people up to pass laws to persecute the church, and to stop the miracles and blessings. The laws would look harmless at first, but would be meant to stop the movement of God. The laws would get stronger quickly. He said, “Tell people to pray for the lawmakers” they truly will need prayer support. In the areas and cities that erected the shields, riots broke out; people were angry and very destructive. Holy Spirit said “Start praying now for the people and those who will go through this.” The time for the call to prayer is now (He told me to tell people to pray these things).  During the great revival, people won’t want to hear these things, because things will seem so good and wonderful, and it will seem unbelievable that persecution could ever come. That is when people are to begin to pray hardest for what is to come after.

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