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Hope for the New Year

I don’t often post reference photos that I take for my paintings (he will probably show up on a tree limb when I paint him), but this little chickadee is so cute, I decided to put him up. But I also want to share a word of encouragement as well as 2021 starts.

Black-capped chickadee photo by YeshuasChild Art

I realize that this is a confusing and difficult time for many. But I feel so strongly that God is getting ready to act; to do good things, to bring revival and hope and healing and encouragement such as we have never seen before to our country. Things will get better during this next year; I feel it deep within me.

God loves us, and wants to pour out good things into our lives, and the question during this season is: are we ready? This is a time to pray and get ready for His goodness, regardless of how negative things seem in the media right now.

Bless you and shabbat shalom.

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