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Treasures in a Mine: Prophetic Painting

Last night, I had another dream that was interesting. In the dream, Jesus showed me a mine, it looked like a coal or silver mine with the tracks that go into the mine, and the cars on wheels that follow the tracks to bring the things mined back out. He and I got into one of the boxcars, and He told me that the wheels had to be carefully calibrated so that they wouldn’t go off the tracks, and that the tracks were to make sure that the boxcar did not go off course (God’s Word and counsel would be needed from mature Christians to make sure that the coming great revival does not get “off base” or away from His word). He told me that the boxcars were going into some of the deepest areas of the mines; He is having people go deeper in for treasures from Him.
Jesus then told me that the outer parts of the mine represented the mining for treasures done by previous generations. Finally, we came to a break in the wall, and Jesus showed me the treasures that would be found soon, that were previously hidden. They were absolutely beautiful, they looked like sparkling gems and precious gold, and radiated light. He told me that God loves to share His treasures, the secret things that can be found as we seek His revelation and read His word. There were lamps on the wall that were filled with the Word of God, to light the way in. He said that this lamp would light the way, and to not be afraid to go deeper into what God wants to reveal during this time to look for treasures from heaven.

Acrylic painting of Jesus in the coal mine showing treasures from heaven
Treasures in the Mine, acrylic, 11 X 14 inches

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