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Angel of Justice and Other Dreams

In late January, I had another dream that was pretty…amazing. Please be aware that when I have dreams, the timeline may not be linear, and things in the dream are symbolic. I honestly don’t know what to think about these dreams, but have prayed a lot about them.

In the dream, I was on an eagle, flying over the United States. I was able to see our nation from sunset to a beautiful sunrise, and experienced in my heart a realization of how much God loves America. As I flew over Washington, DC, I saw a crack down the dome of the Capitol building; behind the Capitol was a huge angel of justice holding a scale, and holding a book in its other arm. Somehow, I knew that justice was coming, starting with the legislative branch, and spreading throughout the government.

Angel of Justice, acrylic 11 X 14 inches

There’s a lot more. I will share the whole dream here (I usually only share parts of dreams, because they are pretty long).

I was then with my friend, and she and I asked the Holy Spirit a question we had about Trump and the prophecies regarding Him. We asked “Did all the mature prophets get it wrong? What happened? Why didn’t they hear correctly?” The Holy Spirit then asked us, “Why do you tie the future of your nation to a man, and not to God?” We responded that we do tie it to God, but were wondering how so many people who love God could be wrong, and wanted to understand what happened with the prophets. At this point, Holy Spirit said “Trump will be president for another term.” I then said “But this is impossible because the electoral college has cast its votes and made Biden president.” Holy Spirit then asked my friend and I “What did you see just before the Great Revival pouring out? (in a previous dream).” We answered “Civil unrest.”
The Holy Spirit then told us, “What God wants cannot be overridden; He is hearing the prayers of His people for the election to be a true one, and for corruption to be exposed and things brought to the light. Biden and Harris will be disqualified. It will be clear and evident to all, even the courts at all levels, that there was huge deception and fraud; this will come to light. THE COUNT WILL BE MADE AND THE TRUTH REVEALED. There will be a real recount of the votes. Civil unrest will start the week Trump is inaugurated; this will also spark the nationwide prayer that ushers in the Great Revival. During the first few months after the Great Revival, Trump will praise it, saying we are returning to our roots, returning to our moral foundation, that it is good for the economy and the nation.
Then, we saw angels going out and administering the increasing evidence coming forward so that it would be done correctly. There was a spiritual battle going on, including angels helping the Supreme Court judges, to make sure that what God was planning would happen. The Supreme Court gave the order for a true recount; this recount was adjucated by a bi-partisan team and poll watchers. They videoed the recount so would be completely transparent. When they did the full recount, taking into account the votes that were “purchased” (by harvesters) and wrong practices, Trump had won by a large margin.
There were public apologies in the public media from the governors of the swing states. Public faith in Trump was at an all-time high (he was vindicated).
We then heard: “2021 is going to be the year of great change, where it will look by the end as if God is turning everything into a blessing. Good things are ahead. 2020 was a year of great difficulty; 2021 will be a year of great blessing poured out on the United States.”
SPRING 2021 WILL BRING THE BLOWING OF THE WIND ACROSS OUR NATION. There will be an upsurge in Jewish converts in America in response to the revival; they will start sharing with those in Israel to start setting the stage for revival there. Israel will be open to this because of America’s pro-Israel stance in the wake of the revival and also God placing Trump supernaturally in office.
Journalists and some editors will go to cover the revival and will get saved. There will be a shift for a time in how things are reported. Some reporters will not ignore the miracles. They will be pressured from above not to do this, but will continue to (some will be fired; but the miracles will still be reported on social media). There will be new newspapers/journals created to report on the miracles across the land; at least one will start next year; others will follow.
There will be a huge backlash against the Democratic party; we will need people to pray for them and also to oppose violence and oppose vengeance; to promote love and forgiveness and restoration. There will be a time when there is a huge cry for vengeance. Some media will foster this type of division; the church will need to speak up against this type of division. Satan will try to use this exposure of corruption to increase division in our land and our church, to try to tear the revival apart. Division will appear like a religious spirit in the church.
Then the scene changed. I saw riots and unrest across the nation. People were afraid, staying in their houses. The media was playing it up; as people were in their homes afraid, the media showed terrifying images that were meant to incite more hate and fear. People began praying as never before though, during this time. They were on their knees, asking God to heal our nation; to take down the hate and fear; asking Him to act on our behalf. We were repenting as a nation and on behalf of our nation. As the people were praying and repenting, angels with silver beakers began pouring them across the land. Golden sparkly liquid started pouring out. People were gathered in churches praying, in homes praying and the sparkly liquid poured over them first, the fear was gone; but the golden sparkly liquid also began to pour over state capitol buildings and halls of justice. The angels in these areas increased and got brighter. The riots stopped and people were turning to God for help with their anger and hatred and fear. A sound of worship began to be heard across the land. We saw God literally answering prayers for healing, and revival swept the land. This was the start of the great revival, which came in the wake of the great amount of prayer and repentance which was sparked in part by fear for our nation and its people. What seemed a terrible thing actually drew people to God; God turned it around for good.
We asked Holy Spirit what this all meant. He said “Pray now; pray that the amount of anger and fear and unrest and destruction will be minimal; that the greatest good will occur, and that people will draw to God not out of survival, but seeking Him and His goodness. People will see the rioting as a sign of the end, but it is actually a sign of a beginning.”
He said that God had desired that men would seek Him, know Him, experience Him without the pain of the civil unrest; but that mankind would not respond simply to His calls of goodness; they ignored His outstretched hand. He said that God did not send the unrest; it is the outcome of man’s sin and poor choices generationally; but He will use this to bring good (the great revival) because His love and mercy are great. He said that the church in the last days will actually be the most mature and the greatest, loving God and doing signs and wonders, and giving people a chance to come to repentance, before the very end.
Then, my friend and I were in the middle of a raging storm at sea. Waves were huge, crashing over the bow. The ship was full of people, who were terrified, saying “we’re going to die! God can’t deliver us from this!” Then we saw Jesus walking on the waves toward us. Some of us had been on our knees, praying, during the storm; asking for God’s help for all on board. The ship represented America; there was a picture of an eagle and flag painted on her side. We saw Jesus, and said “Come help us!” and He did. He came on board and the storm calmed down. It didn’t go away completely, there was still some wind, but it was much milder. Everyone cheered and shouted when Jesus came on board. He started healing and delivering and freeing people everywhere. As people got healed, delivered, and freed they started praying for others on the ship. We could then actually set course for land (which represented God’s promises for the country and His will). But there started to be murmurs of disagreement and mutiny; some people didn’t want to go to that destination. They said we were being too rigid, autocratic, and shutting some people out who didn’t believe in God. There was a group navigating the ship; some were using the Bible to steer, as a map; but others were using something else (a Humanist Manifesto). At night, some people on the ship used the Bible to interpret the stars and signs of times to navigate and know God’s will (prophetic ministry); others tried to used the Humanistic Manifesto and stars to steer, but it ended up like astrology when people didn’t believe in God, and they ended up steering away from the land God leading us to. God gave us the coordinates and where to go. But there was a lot of disunity; people disagreed which direction to go. The clearest direction came when the storm first cleared up, at beginning of the great revival when people gathered around Jesus after the healings and deliverances. At that time, the direction was clearest, people listened then. But disagreement started up later on; the ship started going around in circles because people took turns changing the course. As it circled, it attracted the attention of sea creatures. We were still in sight of land; it would have been easy to go to if we steered for a bit. There was something visible marking the landing point, but the people on the ship couldn’t agree on going there. Some people on the ship got on the backs of dolphins, and that way, made it to the land. They then came back, and said “It’s great! Let’s go there!” but many still were afraid, or didn’t believe them.
Then, another storm came; people were frightened, and the ship got stuck on a shoal. It looked like it was going to break up in the storm. We all got lifeboats out, and started taking people to shore. There were angels guiding the boats. Some people refused to get in the boats; they were afraid they would drown. They said “I would rather sink with the ship than get in one of those boats.” The boats represented faith in Jesus/salvation. The Christians on the ship got as many to shore as wanted to go there. Finally we went back, and the last groups of people shook their heads, said “No”. So we went back to shore; and then to our dismay, we watched the ship go down. We were crying as we watched.
Then, Holy Spirit interpreted this for us. The first storm represents a time of great unrest/civil violence in America; people will start praying, and there will be a great revival. During the revival, there will be outpourings of healings and deliverances and miracles and encounters with God. People will try to enact legislation to bring our country back to its biblical roots and moral values (this was the believing navigators who use the Bible to steer). Others will want to enact legislation based on diversity and humanistic values, and will oppose them. Some states will choose to enact biblical legislation; others will not. Holy Spirit said this will be the time of the great incoming to the Lord for this nation (America) with revivals everywhere and people turning to God. The fight will intensify between those who seek God’s will for the nation, and those who reject His will. There will be states that enact terrible anti-Christian legislation in pushback for the ones that enact biblical legislation. Finally, the real civil war will come to our nation.
God will have a plan to protect believers who turn to Him (the lifeboats going to the safe shore). He will take care of them; they won’t have to be afraid.
The ship going down represents the end of democracy in America. It will be some kind of totalitarian regime taking over. But God will use events in our country to turn people to Him; to bring revival; He will have a plan to take care of those who trust in Him, regardless of how “bad” things look externally. Many will come to faith in God during and throughout this time. The miracles, signs and wonders and God’s protection will continue for those who turn and seek God during this tim

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