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Joy in the Revival: Prophetic Painting

acrylic prophetic painting of people in a river splashing, Jesus healing
Joy in the Revival, acrylic, 16 X 20 inches

In my dream, I saw that my friend and I were in the middle of a wide river, splashing, and thousands of people were splashing in it with us. Everyone was having fun; they were all filled with joy. There were little children with their inner tubes and beach toys and water wings on; we even saw babies floating on the water on little mini rafts. It was the most joyous scene I have ever seen; the water kept coming and coming, and I understood that I was seeing part of the great revival. The sick people on the shore were going into the river, and getting healed. There were people covered with mud, slime or vomit (which I somehow knew represented addictions and demonic oppression); they went in and were completely cleansed

Jesus was everywhere, laughing and rejoicing with the people. The crowds grew on the shore, as more and more people came to jump in. Mothers were bringing their sick children, walking in, and the child was healed. There were also lots of resurrections from the dead. Other people were jumping in, and prophesying. Others were seeing visions. You could breathe under the water of this river, and stay under it if you wanted. All of the gifts of the Spirit were occurring, and it had an impact physically on the land. The fish we saw were healthy, plants were growing abundantly, and there was a healthy ecosystem in every area that the river flowed by (I understood that revival comes, it will bring healing to the town, the community, the economy).  It was like a wonderful day at the beach, with everyone filled with joy.

At times, God the Father came in His glory and stood near the people in and around the river; and then they all bowed down before Him. It was glorious and amazing. The people all bowed and knelt in the water before Him. People were singing songs in the water, worshipping; and amazing giftings were being released in people. Many discovered talents and abilities they never realized they had or could do. This wasn’t just what are considered “spiritual gifts”, the gifts were also in other arenas and fields such as technology, agriculture and other areas. Holy Spirit was tossing gifts to people left and right as they came to the river. He was also imparting knowledge and wisdom in how to use the gifts well. He would toss it, said “Here take this” and the person grabbed it, and said “Wow” as they received.

The great revival is going to be such fun.  It was so cool to see the little babies giggling and laughing on their little floaties, and Jesus cooing over them as they lift their little arms up to Him. The babies had the most joy of all on their little faces, and the toddlers. People were coming from all over the world to the river, and were going in. When they went home, we saw the river widen to cover where they lived. It was spreading and it got wider and wider.

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