In the Throne Room 2 (Prophetic)

This post is based on a dream I had on 9/12/2020. My prayer is that it will encourage you. The illustration is a painting I created several months ago to attempt to share the feeling of glory.

In this dream, I was in the throne room of God (Jesus took me there). I felt total love, peace, security and safety. In the dream, I was at a distance from the throne watching from behind.

Acrylic painting of an angel carrying a golden bowl in the throne room of God
“Intercession in the Glory” acrylic 16 X 20 inches

The light in heaven looked like reflections from the rainbow that was above; it was beautiful beyond belief, with the air filled with multi-colored light rays. Jesus then told me that if I want to feel perfectly safe and perfectly loved, to turn to the Father (God). I was admiring how beautiful God was, and Jesus turned to me, and said, “Didn’t you know my Father is beautiful?” I was at a distance at first from the throne, and Jesus slowly drew me nearer, at a walk. The closer I walked, the more peace and security and love I felt surrounded by and inside of my heart; it was wonderful and awesome. Jesus told me, “This is what you will experience if you let the Father love you.”

Then God rose up, and walked towards us. There was a beautiful table with white linen set up. He embraced me, and said “Welcome back to my table.” I felt funny; I thought no one could be in His presence like this without dying. He then reminded me that I had already died, and been raised in Jesus, who had died to reconcile me to Him. He embraced me, and actually stood up from His throne to do so. I looked at the table in surprise, and said “But the marriage feast isn’t yet”, and He smiled, and said “This isn’t that table; those who love me are always welcome at my table.” The verse “Thou preparest a table for me, in the presence of mine enemies” came to mind, and I realized David must have seen something like this, in the spirit when he wrote this psalm, or experienced God’s table in some form.

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