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Don’t Fear the Beasts

Over the past year, I have been having a lot of dreams that appear to have prophetic content. But my goal in sharing them here is not to say “Look at me and what I see”, but to say “Look at God and how good He is to us,” and to encourage others. I believe that this dream may encourage some who have struggled with fear in this time, or who want to know some practical things to do to prepare for what is coming.

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Don’t Fear the Beasts (Sept. 2020)

In this dream, I was in a meadow. In the meadow, wild beasts came rushing at me, but Holy Spirit stood in front of me, holding my hand, and I wasn’t afraid of them at all. The beasts that wanted to attack me were diverted, to the left and right; they couldn’t touch me because Holy Spirit was like a shield around me. Holy Spirit wasn’t afraid, so I wasn’t afraid. He showed me that He protects me, and does this for all of His children.

When He was holding my hand, He was in front of me, but also inside of me at the same time. He said, “Always remember I am with you.” I then asked, “Am I allowed to shoot them? “ (the beasts – I knew they represented the demonic, since I would never want to shoot a real animal), and He said, “No, the Father will judge them.” I felt so secure, so safe in His presence.

Holy Spirit then took me to a mossy cave, that was dry and warm inside, with stone benches, next to a stream. It was very quiet and peaceful. He told me then, “I can meet you in any situation.” (I felt in the dream, and believe this is true for any believer: Holy Spirit can meet you in any situation, regardless of how difficult or even hopeless it might seem).

He asked me, “Do you have any questions?” and I understood He wanted to teach me through the answers. I asked Him, “Why are these dreams I am having happening in this season like this?”. He said, “God is preparing you for what is coming. The season has started, and the harvest is near.” I understood somehow then that it is autumn in God’s kingdom. I asked Him when we would see the changes, and He said, “Soon, very soon” (He did not give me a date, but I felt like within a few years).

I then asked, “What will be happening? And how can I and others practically prepare?” He then told me to store the Word of God in my heart, to encourage others; that the need for the Word and encouragement will be great. (Note: I believe that all believers need to memorize and store scripture in their hearts, and believe that this is by far one of the greatest ways to prepare for what is coming).

He then gave me a glimpse of what is coming. He indicated that Yom Kippur 2020 would signal that the season is changing, and a new season is starting.

• There will be an outpouring of His (Holy Spirit/God’s) presence, and miracles. People will realize what it means to be a son, a daughter of God.

• He said that the increased outpouring and learning in recent years have been to learn how to use the gifts, so that when revival comes (this was the first time I had heard of a coming revival, since at this time, I had never read or listened to any prophets and was absolutely amazed to hear in my dream that one is coming), the church will be competent in this. He said that the coming revival will be greater than any previous ones ever seen, with those already in the Kingdom imparting to others who are new to faith, with no jealousy. He said that those who were first and took on the labor are mature sons and daughters, and will not be jealous, they will gladly impart teaching to those coming after them.

He then also shared with me that persecution would also come, and that many would not want to hear this. Then, the dream ended.

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