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Comfort in Sorrow

This is a dream I had last September that I pray will encourage others during this time.

In this dream, I went to the throne room, and saw rows upon rows of angels, and also people, worshipping the Lord. Holy Spirit reminded me that this is what He wants for men to experience. They were singing the song of the redeemed, and the song of the victor, who has overcome. He wants each person to add their notes to the song. He said the song won’t be as beautiful without each person’s contribution”.

Holy Spirit turned to me, and said “I want you to sing with them”. I realized I was dressed in the same clothes the others were; I had a golden palm branch in my hand. I opened my mouths and sang; the words came out, I didn’t have to think about them. I looked at Father, Son, Holy Spirit and the song and words just came, effortlessly; and some of the ache (of grieving for those who have died) inside was comforted in the beauty of worship. The song was about each one of us, yet about much more than that, for the first notes individuals sang, then the others joined in and we all harmonized. God gave us the song to sing; He literally filled our mouths with it.

Then, I saw a different aspect of the throne room: it was filled with soft, golden white light emanating from the throne. People and angels were softly swaying to the music as they worshipped; it was glorious. I sensed the Father’s special tenderness towards those who have suffered and overcome; they had special jewels in their crowns. The tenderness of God was radiating, flooding the room; His love and concern. He truly understands and cares about the pain and loss that people go through here on earth. The song being sung was about this, too; as the Father’s heart radiated it, the song reflected it. There were even harps in the background, playing softly to accompany the song.

Holy spirit turned to me with tears in His eyes, tears of love, joy, compassion, tenderness; this surprised me because I never thought of Him crying; most. Jesus had tears in His eyes as He heard the song of the redeemed as well. Holy Spirit then took one of His tears, touched His finger to it, and it turned into a beautiful rose that shimmered. He shook it, and as He shook it, and the petals slowly fell off, and as they were crushed, and the fragrance got stronger and stronger, and inside was a beautiful gem, the color of blood, clear and shining. He gave the gem as a gift, like a pendant to wear next to my heart. He said, “Let the knowledge of my love protect your heart; strengthen your heart, fill your heart.” He said “Suffering is the petals falling off; don’t fear it, remember what is inside – the knowledge of the Father’s love.” I fell down, knelt, and said, “Help me to endure, to hold onto this knowledge regardless of what happens to myself and others.” He blessed me then, and said He would be with me and would help me.

I realized that this is God’s heart for all of those who undergo suffering and loss: He cares so much, and He can create something beautiful and enduring after what seems sorrowful and painful at the time.

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