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Dressed in the Flag: Prophetic Art

"dressed in the flag" prophetic art digital and colored pencil
“Dressed in the Flag” colored pencil

I realize that our nation is going through a difficult time, which is why this dream about God’s purpose was so encouraging. My prayer is that it will also encourage you.

In this dream, I was in a room that was filled with dressmaker dummies wearing dresses made of American flags from various times in our country’s history. The dummies were wearing dresses designed from flags that ranged from the original one for the 13 colonies, to the star spangled banner of 1812, and flags from other years.

God the Father was in the room, and He spoke to me about His design and purpose for the U.S. In the back of the room, I saw a dressmaker’s table with patterns laid out, with the patterns representing beautiful dresses made from the flags. He explained that these designs represented His purpose and plans for the United States at various times in its history.

-The first flag dress represented the founding of the U.S., and God talked about various godly people from that time, such as the creators of the constitution, that had helped Him with His purpose for our nation.

-Another flag represented the time when the United States first sent out missionaries to other nations.

-Another flag dress represented the healing of the division of the 1860’s during the civil war; I saw that the flag had been torn in two, then re-sewn together with the prayers of Christians during the revivals that occurred during that time.

He then took me to the last dressmaker’s dummy in the room; it was wearing a beautiful dress made from the current flag. He said “This is my design for the U.S. at this time.” I said “But that’s not at all what our country is like right now! It doesn’t look like this at all!”

God then explained to me that the negative is what satan wants us to see and declare over our nation, and for other nations to also see only the negative. But that the prophets need to see God’s design, and to believe it and to embrace it and speak it and speak it out.

He then let me sew a tiny bit on the flag.

The realization came as I sewed that God wants to dress America with garments of salvation, praise and glory, and not the filthy rags that the enemy intends to dress her in. I realized that God is still fulfilling the prayers of the original founders of America who were godly. He indicated that blessings can overcome curses, even as light overcomes the darkness.

We need to release blessing on our land, and not agree with the negative.
This does not being unaware of the problems that our nation faces, and we certainly need to be active about bringing about change. But we also need to make an active choice to see our nation’s destiny as God does, and to declare this over our country, even during difficult times.
The dream then ended.

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