A Year of Birds: May

Great Egret in a marsh near Lake Huron

I am sharing some of my favorite photos that I took this past year in this series.

Spring is in full swing now, and the calls of the redwing blackbirds in the nearby marshes are almost continuous. Some of the males come by the feeder to fill up on seed. When I go on walks by the marshes, I will often hear the distinctive “tut-tut-tut” of a male warning me not to get too close to his territory; he also seems to act as an early “warning alarm” for the other birds in the marsh, who will rise up and fly away when he gives his call.

Photo of a male redwing blackbird in North Michigan by Yeshuas Child Art
Male Redwing Blackbird, North Michigan

The robins have been back for awhile, and one is particularly vocal, singing me awake each morning. She has a nest in a house eave, and I am looking forward to a new batch of babies this year to add to the songs heard later in the year.

Photo of blue jays in the grass in Michigan by Yeshuas Child Art
Blue Jays in the Grass

The blue jays are everywhere. Word is out in the bird neighborhood that there are sunflower seeds available at our feeder, and I have seen dozens taking turns grabbing a bite. But I also know that during the nesting season, the birds are especially hungry and food is still scarce.  I will keep putting out seed until the bears hit the feeder.

I am now “egret stalking” because I love these beautiful birds. I slog through reeds and muddy marshes, slapping at mosquitoes and gnats which rise up in clouds on warm days, and am able to surprise a few – and get some good photos. I love the “fluffing up” that one did when I saw him. He stared at me for awhile as I took photos, then finally flew a short distance away. I also am seeing lots of egrets on Misery Bay, and bring my camera with me each time I drive. I am finding that getting a decent photo is a combination of persistence and luck – and prayer.

Great Egret in Misery Bay marsh, North Michigan
Great Egret, Misery Bay in Michigan

I have seen some killdeer on the beach near the rocks. I love their perpetually slightly worried look and soft brown color.

Photo of a kildeer on a rocky beach in North Michigan by bird artist Yeshuas Child Art
Kildeer on a rocky beach near where I live

The mergansers seem to be nesting on a point near the house, and I am hoping to see some babies soon.

Photo of a female merganser by Yeshuas Child Art
Female Merganser duck riding the waves on a Lake Huron Bay

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