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Eagle Dreams

Lately, I have been having lots of dreams with eagles – so many, that I decided to draw one in watercolor pencil. Below are two of the dreams that relate to this drawing.

Bald eagle flying over the US pencil drawing

In this dream that I had on 6/13/21, I was with Jesus. We were bird watching with binoculars, and we were both dressed in bird watching field outfits. Jesus said “I like bird watching too; there’s some that I’ve been looking for.” He pointed up, and I saw an eagle’s eyrie. Eagles were flocking there, and flying around. Jesus then said “Watch these birds closely” and I saw that the wind under their wings was the Holy Spirit and worship.

Jesus then said “Keep watching; use your binoculars” so I did. I saw that in their talons, the eagles had scrolls, and they were flying around the world (which I could somehow see from up where I was) and were carrying the scrolls to different countries. I then realized that the scrolls were prophetic messages to the church leadership in various countries, warning them of what the church in each country would face, and what they would need to face these trials. There were also words of encouragement and exhortation. In each scroll was a phrase that reminded me of what John said in Revelation: “Behold, I am coming soon. Hold fast to what you have and do not let anyone take it away from you.” Also, “fear not”.

Then, the U.S. eagle came to where Jesus and I were, and He let me read the eagle’s scroll before it was delivered. In it was the following:

• A call to pray for the judges and lawmakers in our nation
• A call to pray against lawlessness which is trying to sweep across and take over the nation
• The words “Turn to me (the Lord) in your time of need”
• A call to pray for and train workers for the coming harvest
• The warning: “Feed the eagles or you won’t be prepared for what is coming”
• Protect the children of your nation
• To individuals: Seek me first – I am coming soon.
• To the church: Put on your bridal dress: a call to purity and repentance – your bridegroom is on the way

After I read it, the eagle went and delivered his scroll to the U.S. church.
Then, Jesus asked me how I liked bird watching. I said I enjoyed it, said this was different than any I have ever done before. Jesus then began explaining about what I had seen. He said that the scrolls represent prophetic revelations being delivered, and those that are going to be delivered to churches in nations around the world. The eagles represent the prophets He is sending to deliver them, both individually and those appointed to a nation as a group. He then said “I really do warn my people before I act. Those who accuse me of not caring for the nations are wrong. That’s why I warn them, and call them to me first.”

The biggest eagle I had seen went to Israel. I asked Jesus why this one was so large, and He said that it had to fly through a lot of opposition, and so it needs to be strong.

I looked at the eagle’s eyrie then, it had a stream flowing next to it. I asked Jesus what the eyrie represents, and He said “The place of intimacy with Me. That is where all prophecy is born from; this is the secluded area where they meet with the Lord, and receive from Him.”

In another dream (9/30/21) I saw a bald eagle next to a representation of the United States of America. The eagle was enormous, and was slowly flapping his wings. It was so large, that I could hear the “flap, flap, flap” really louds as he flapped his wings. I saw that all over the nation were hot cinders, and as he flapped his wings, a wind was generated that fanned the cinders. They got hotter and hotter and hotter until they finally burst into flames. At first, just a few of the cinders caught fire; then it became a blaze all over the nation, like a roaring fire. As the eagle flapped his wings, he cried out :T he Lord is the deliverer and causes the plans of kings to fall.” I then heard the words 2 Samuel 22:2.

I then prayed about this, and the Lord showed me that the wind represented God’s promises, and His word, to our nation. That these promises are getting ready to be fulfilled, and the revival that results will sweep our nation like a blaze – it will be contagious. First, it is breaking out in certain areas, but soon, it will be blazing everywhere.

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