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Two Calls to Prayer

About eight months ago, I had a dream which included a call to prayer. I now feel released to share this call and ask that others also pray. In the dream, the LORD told me to pray for the following cities and/or countries:

• Beijing, China
• Beirut, Lebanon
• Moscow, Russia
• Iran (the whole country)
• Jerusalem, Israel
• Rome, Italy
• Washington DC, USA
These are the things I was told to pray for:
-That revival would come to each city and nation, and that there would be witnesses to Jesus who would come to these countries, and share the love of God, and pray for transformation
-That satan’s plans for these countries would not be accomplished, and instead that God’s purposes would be accomplished
-That the Kingdome of God would be increased, accompanied by healing, miracles and encounters with God’s goodness.
At the time, I had no idea about coming conflicts with some of these countries. Please join me in prayer for these areas of the world.

In another dream a month ago, I was greatly surprised because of my political views. As a conservative, I have not viewed the Biden administration at all with favor, and to be honest, have prayed many times that God would protect the US from what I believe have been very ungodly choices made by the current administration.
In this dream, I was in the White House, and I saw Biden alone in an office, with his head down on his arms. I saw that he had just received some very bad news (I don’t feel a release to share what it was), and he was crying silently. I felt a deep compassion for him, and heard “Pray for him.” So, since then I have been praying for him, and ask that others join me. I still deeply disagree with his politics and policies, but since this dream, I have had insight into how God views people: His desire is that everyone come to know Him.
In the next part of this dream, I saw people in the White House making plans; and felt that I was to pray against the plans being made, that they were not godly.
Then, the scene changed. I saw what looked like a very old-fashioned bank building, with granite columns and marble blocks. In the dream, I understood that this bank represents our financial system, and I saw a group of people inside, who were basically cursing our financial system. I then heard the call to pray against what they are doing, and to ask that God’s kingdom prevail over our country’s finances, and that the plans of wicked men would NOT be accomplished. I have been praying since, and invite others to join me. We are at a critical juncture in our nation, and in the world, and prayer does make a difference.
Bless you!

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