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A Dream about Worship: Prophetic

9/27/20 Worship

In this dream, I was outside the temple in what appeared to be ancient Jerusalem. It had huge columns. I was in the garden outside the temple, before going up the steps to go into it. The terrace and garden were at the bottom of the hill. I was watching people carrying palm branches and singing praises as they went up the steps of the temple. They were filled with joy as they went up. It felt like the temple was filled with light, like the sun was inside it was so bright. It was incredibly radiant.

Jesus was talking to me explaining things while I was watching and listening. He asked, “What do you see the people doing?” I said, “Holding palm branches and singing”. He gave me a look that said, “You can do better than that”. I said, “It looks like they are worshiping.” Jesus said, “Yes” – they are all worshipping God as they are going into the temple. Jesus asked, “Why do you think they are doing that?” I said, “Because they are glad to be seeing God”. Jesus said, “Yes” – and He gave me a vision inside this vision – I saw that each person was carrying a different burden (jars, rocks, all kinds of heavy things they had to carry, etc.) – and as they worshipped the burden started rolling off as they went up the steps.

As their burdens rolled off, the people’s steps became lighter, and their joy also increased. He then said, ‘The worship allows them to enter into God’s presence with fewer burdens. This is why the people always worshipped during the Holy feasts when they came to the temple.” He spent time teaching me about worship: how it helps us; how it can release burdens, and why God wants it. He then said that false worship or that which is not from the heart increases slavery and makes burdens heavier. True worship increases freedom and helps release burdens. He said that worship is not a legalistic response or due to a demand; it is the free gift of the heart that realizes how good God is. He said “All worship begins with realizing the goodness of God.”

There were palm branches next to me on the steps. I then asked Jesus, “Help me to completely realize your goodness; grant me a revelation of this.” I then had another vision, of the cross; Jesus was hanging there, in pain and suffering, and on His face was a look of pure love; and then He said “it is finished”. Then, I was back in the garden, and He said “That is the goodness of God towards you; that He sent me to pay for yours, and all mankind’s, sins. I paid the price so that you could know Him and His love for you.”

He told me that He wants me to practice worshipping every day. He said, “Ask God to reveal to you what stands between you and the belief that He is always good.” He then said, “sin makes people suffer, and makes them doubt that God is good.” He said, “I could only do the works that I did, because I knew the goodness of the Father, and His heart towards men.” He told me that I have heard that God is good, and it sounds simple, too simple; but it is a deep, profound truth that I need to explore and experience and believe. He said “life is a journey to experience the goodness of God in all things.” He said the revelation that God is good came directly from the Holy Spirit and heaven to various pastors and prophets, and that message was given to prepare the way for the revival.

He then asked me if I wanted to take my palm branch and worship. I said, “Yes, help me to fully believe in Your goodness.” I took up my branch, and started praising God and singing. As I went up the steps, I had an increasing sense of God’s presence, and the light was increasing, as well as a deepening sense of His goodness. With each step that I took, this knowledge grew. By the time I was at the top step, the praise was pouring out of me, it was coming spontaneously. I couldn’t even go all the way in; I fell flat on my face, declaring God’s goodness as His presence was close. I was weeping, saying “God thank you for your goodness to me, and to all men.” I was on my face for a while, and then the scene changed.

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