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Sad Time and Joy: Prophetic Dream

I had this dream in November 2021. So many of my dreams show that there will be a huge revival coming, but also difficult times and even persecution for some. This dream shows the urgency of witnessing about the love of God through His Son while there is still time.

In this dream, I was in a large library with Holy Spirit. He showed me a book that He wanted me to look at. There was light streaming in through the windows, it was a wonderful place to sit. The wood there was of a beautiful gold color. The table sloped down slightly where the book was, so that I could see better. This book had a bright red cover with “Book of the Last Days” engraved on the cover; and it was illustrated with scenes from the last days. He said, “This book is available to any who love God, and will believe the message it contains.” He then quoted the verse about “When the Son of Man returns, will He find faith on the earth?” He said God is kind, and will not reveal these things to those it would frighten too much, or who don’t want to know them; just as a parent will not show a child things that they could not bear to hear, that the parent knows about.

I took Holy Spirit’s hands, and I was in the vision. It was dark like nighttime; there was a wind blowing, and in the sky, the sun was turning dark (signs in the heavens). It turned a blood red color. You couldn’t see the moon; it was too dim. In this scene, it didn’t smell very good. I heard people dying all around me. I was carrying water to them, and praying with them, and telling them about God. The people there looked like soldiers on a battle field that have gone down. I realized that many were so wounded, they wouldn’t survive; but I kept praying for them. As a result of prayer, some were resuscitated and healed; and they started helping me. We comforted and encouraged those who weren’t healing. These people had been taught that God isn’t real, that He doesn’t care, and that their wounds were proof of this. We were there to tell them that He did care, He did love them. The people kept saying “Look at the sun; isn’t this proof that God has abandoned us?” the sunshine was reddish in color, with purple shadows. We told them no, that this was prophesied, that this is actually a sign that He is getting ready to return very soon. We kept sharing how much God loves them; and continued giving them prayer, God’s word, water and medicine.

 We were able to move some of the people, and we tried to move under the trees or to shelter. Something about the sun was sickening people; it was causing a great depression and hopelessness. It didn’t affect me or the people helping me; the people that revived after prayer, it didn’t affect either. About a fourth of the people revived and healed, and had joy. But it was a scene of poverty and lack; people were thin, and dressed in rags. We were giving them food and water. It was all adults we were ministering to in this scene.

The people who healed had joy; we began singing together. They were still skinny, still in rags, but they had joy. They said “Jesus is coming soon” when they looked up at the sky. The stench was awful; there were foul smelling sores on some of the people. They were begging to be let out of their pain; their voices were croaking. We sat next to them, and ministered the love of God with them. We shared that Jesus could heal them; He was their only hope. Those who had been healed, and I, went from person to person, all over the place. Finally, the sun went black for a period; so we took candles, and searched for people and prayed for them in the dark. 

Then, we heard a trumpet blast; all the people who had come to faith in Jesus started leaping and dancing for joy. We were urging those who hadn’t converted “Hurry, hurry, before the last trumpet sounds; He’s coming back very quickly.”  Then, we saw a light coming, like early dawn. The light wasn’t from the sun; we could see Jesus coming; He was shining and bright; the closer He came, the brighter it got. It was glorious, like the sun coming up, to see Him come in His glory.

The people who converted started running to Jesus with their arms open wide, and they were joyful, saying “You’re here, you’re here!” They were scrawny, dusty, raggedy, but still full of joy. As they started running to Him, they started changing; it was amazing to see. Their clothes and bodies changed. They were wearing white, and they looked a normal weight and healthy. I started running to Him, too; I couldn’t stop myself if I had wanted to! Then we were all gathered around Him, looking at Him. Our clothes and bodies changed too, as we ran towards Him.

Jesus started leading the way, and we all ran with Him. We were all going somewhere wonderful – He was taking us to His Father’s house. We could see His house, everyone was saying, “Ooh, aah” in wonder, and the joy was something else. People who had been healed said “It really is true! Everything we heard!” Jesus picked one of these people up, swung them up in a circle, and said “Of course it is! This is what I died to be able to give to you” and they both laughed with joy.  I then heard a voice speaking the verse “Weeping may last for a night, but joy comes in the morning”. Then, the vision ended and I was back in the library.

Holy Spirit explained to me that the pull to despair during the time in this dream would be great, because it will seem as though evil and darkness have covered the land; that there was no hope. The landscape physically represented the fact that men had given up on the belief in God’s goodness, and were in despair. This was their last chance to come back to God. We were seeing how these people viewed the world in the dream; and also were shown God’s ability to heal and restore, regardless of how hopeless things seemed.  

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