Synopsis of Dreams (prophetic)

I have been having so many dreams over the past year and eight months, that I decided to summarize them in this post. There seem to be several themes/topics that are coming up over and over in my dreams.

  1. There will be a huge revival: I have dreamed about this so many times, it almost feels as if I have “been there.” What is consistent in these dreams is that God is about to pour out His glory across the earth, across the nations, and across the United States as well. In these dreams, I have seen a huge amount of evangelism, and thousands and thousands of people coming to know Jesus. In some dreams, I am on a large ship, and I and others are fishing with Jesus, and as we fish, the boat becomes filled, and the fish turn into people, who then turn around and help us fish. The boat also expands over time.

I have also seen in these dreams a huge outbreak of miracles: healings (whole hospitals being emptied out); deliverances; emotional healings, words of knowledge, and food multiplication during a time when there will be food shortages. The worship, the joy, and the praise are indescribable in these scenes.

This revival will bring incredible healing to our nation, as the economy prospers and godly laws are passed.

  • There will be a division of some type within the United States, not along party lines, but between “righteous” and “unrighteous”. In some dreams, I have seen this look as if a large crack is occurring down the middle of a map of the U.S.; in one, I saw the Capitol building in D.C. hit by lightening and then split down the middle; and in another, I saw some states filled with “sheep” and others with “goats”.

In these dreams, there is always an evident separation, with some states persecuting and even arresting Christians, while others welcome the Christian faith, and there is a huge blessing and favor from God. In the states that follow God, heaven pours out its blessings; while those that do not appear dark, or in some dreams, as if there is a cloud covering them. I have also had numerous dreams in which individuals from “Christian” states go and witness, even at risk to their freedom or life, to those in the states where Christians are persecuted.

I have no idea of how these dreams align with the ones about revival and blessing, whether they will occur side-by-side or not. But it appears that there will be revival, blessing, and then the beginning of changes and division.

  • There will be food shortages, to the point where “food hoarding” will be outlawed to protect what supplies are left. In one dream, I was on the streets with a Christian mission during this time in the United States; we were feeding people who were hungry, and as more and more people crowded close, the food kept miraculously multiplying. Then, the police came, and were ready to arrest us for “food hoarding” until we proved to them that God was supplying the food miraculously in response to prayer, and they became believers.
  • There will be signs posted in the heavens to show when significant events are to occur. This includes a dream where I was walking down a woodland path with Jesus; He would stop, point to the sky, and I would look up and see the stars and planets in a specific alignment. I would then see a scene of a future event occurring in a clearing to the side of the path we were walking on. Then, we would walk a bit further, Jesus would point up, and again, I would note the position of the stars and planets and comets, and see a scene to the side. This happened seven times, and at the end, Jesus said “I will not move upon the earth without appointing signs in the heavens first for all to see.”
  • There will come a time when things seem spiritually dark, and the hope of the gospel is needed desperately. I know that some believe that things are difficult now, but in these dreams, the darkness that is trying to cover portions of the earth is to a degree that seems unfathomable. At the same time, those who believe in Jesus are protected, have great hope and joy, and witness and bring to salvation those who are suffering the effects of this time. They are truly “walking in the light.”

In many of my dreams, it seems there will be a time of great persecution for Christians, with the enactment of diversity laws and others that make it a crime to disagree, and it will be difficult for Christians at first in countries that have never experienced it. The Western church will be receiving and learning a lot from Christians in countries where the church has had to go underground to survive, such as in China and some Muslim countries. This wisdom in the midst of persecution imparted has looked in my dreams like gold, jewels and treasured scrolls shared by the churches that have survived and grown in countries where there is a huge cost for being a Christian. In my dreams, they gladly share helpful information and teaching with the churches in countries that have not experienced this.

In my dreams, I have seen that Christians will create networks for sharing information and resources, both within nations and internationally between nations.

In one dream, I saw Chinese Christians coming to Jerusalem to share the gospel; there will be a huge amount of evangelism and hearts turning to God in spite of the persecution.

  • Jerusalem and Israel will be central to coming events. In several of my dreams, I have seen events that will occur in Israel, and the response of the world to these events. There will be a huge number of Israelis coming to faith in Yeshua, with evangelism from numerous nations and also within the nation. There will miracles of healing, of the economy after an initial crash, and other events, along with attempts to deceive and coerce Israel into making unwise decisions and to join with other nations for economic and security reasons. There will also be terrible persecution of traditional believing Jews and Christians for a time, but then a massive turning to God.
  • There is a coming spiritual battle of epic proportions. In my dreams, this has been shown several times as troops gathering for battle, some on the side of the demonic, and others on God’s side. Those on God’s side are gathered under banners such as “worship”, “authority”, “prophecy”, “healing”, and others, in organized units. What is interesting is that as the two sides engage and clash, those on God’s side are continuously calling out to the soldiers in satan’s army, asking them to change sides, and some do. But in response, satan and the demonic begin attacking their own soldiers, showing that they do not care for those who serve them at all, and only want pawns to control.

Finally, after a time of difficult battle, a trumpet sounds, and Jesus shows up. At that time, the battle is over, and the demonic soldiers slink away, as those in God’s army rejoice.

  • There is a coming time of huge celebration for God’s people. After the battle is over, there is dancing, worship, celebration, and a huge supper for those who follow Jesus, that is incredibly glorious and joyful.

I have no idea when these things will occur, and would not even try to speculate. But because of the consistency of the dreams, I believe they will occur.  I felt that I should share these dreams, and I pray that God will bless you.

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