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Waterfall and Revival: prophetic dream

(photo credit: Pixabay)

On November 22, 2022, I had another dream. In this dream, Jesus came and took me to a waterfall. It was beautiful, glorious, cascading in the light like a cataract, pouring into a flowing river. At the top, I saw the largest rainbow I have ever seen above, with glowing colors.

Then, as I watched, I saw some children and adults going into the water at the top, and riding the waterfall down to the river below; they were laughing and joyful.

As I watched, I saw a wooden wheel turning; it looked like an old-fashioned hydroelectric wheel, but made of wood. As it turned, I saw angels coming to it. They were working on this “generator”, making small adjustments. I then saw golden cables coming out of the generator. I saw the angels come to the generator, holding “work orders” which I somehow knew reflected the prayers of believers.

Then, when the time was ready, an angel would take a cable, and carry it towards a city. The angel would plug the cable in, and I saw lights start turning on in the city; one by one, then five at a time, then dozens, then hundreds until the entire city was blazing with light. Above the city was a huge sign in golden lights that said “The Goodness of God.”

As I watched, I saw this process repeated many times, over and over, for cities all over the world. Cities started literally “lighting up” as the angels plugged in the golden cables that came from the waterfall’s generator. I also saw angels with red sashes who were busy maintaining the cables, keeping wild animals and people from interfering with the cables, or the flow of “electricity” to the cities.

Then, the dream ended.

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