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Preparing for the Battle: Prophetic Dream

(photo credit pexels: Pierrma Marini)

 This was a dream that I had on 10/1/22

It seems that around Yom Kippur, the dreams I have increase in number. While I have dreams all year long, this time of year they seem to increase. Maybe it’s because Yom Kippur is a day of prayer and fasting, and repentance, which somehow helps God “get through” since I am not as busy with work and volunteer activities during this time (there are three shabbats in this week alone!), which is set aside for Him.

In this dream, I was with Jesus. He had been talking with me about personal things of the heart, and afterwards, then said “I want to show you something”.  He took me over to a high cliff, and I saw huge armies assembling, much as I had seen in a previous dream. On one side I could see satan’s army gathered, and on the other side, I saw God’s army gathering from all directions.

The people in God’s army were dressed for battle; while they were wearing white robes, they had old-fashioned army helmets on to cover their heads, and breastplates made of pure gold. Each person also had a large, golden shield and a sword that looked as if it was made of pure diamond.

As I watched, I saw that the army of God had several divisions in it. There was a division for prophecy, and at the front, I saw several generals, including two well-known prophetic leaders in the U.S., but also an Asian man I did not recognize, who I somehow knew was Chinese, and also some from other nations including one from the Mideast.

There was also a division for words of knowledge, for healing, for miracles, for worship, for intercession; all of the gifts of the spirit were represented under banners, with people who had special anointing gathering together in preparation for the battle. I noticed with interest that as the army went into battle formation, intercession was at the front, followed by worship, and then the other divisions followed.

As I continued to watch, I saw angels who appeared, they had a substance that was thick and golden amber in color like honey, and they were taking this substance and smearing it on the shields of those in God’s army. I knew in my dream that this substance would provide protection from the fiery onslaught of the enemy forces that they would face.

Jesus then told me “the battle has started, but I have provided people with all that they need to not only endure but be victorious.” I realized that He was reassuring me that there was no reason to be afraid during this time. He reminded me that He has already won, and that those who follow Him have also won, regardless of what circumstances look like. Then, the dream ended.

I have been thinking a lot on this dream since I had it. One thing that surprised me was how important intercession was in the battle, but it makes sense. It was also interesting that intercession and worship were positioned so closely in the “troops”; they both led the way.

I believe that when I have these dreams, they are a call to intercession. I wanted to share this one in hopes that it will encourage you, since in the dream, God is anointing and preparing His people for any battles to come. The great revival that has started is part of that preparation and equipping, so that the world will see a church victorious in these times.

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