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Dream About Upside Down US

A few weeks ago, I had a dream that was interesting.  In the dream, I was with Jesus in a boat, and we were floating through some wooded areas by the side of the river we were on.

Then, the woods opened up, and I saw a scene. It was of people from overseas from several countries who looked hungry; they were digging in the ground for roots and tubers, and I could tell that they were desperate from hunger. Some looked as if they were native to Africa; while others looked as if they were of Slavic ethnicity, and still others looked middle eastern. I felt distressed when I saw them, and turned to Jesus, and cried out, “Isn’t there something we can do?!?” He then said, “Start praying for them now, that God will provide during this time.”

As the boat went down the river, I saw other scenes as well, but one stood out: the last one. I saw a tall angel, very firm and intent. There was a round globe, and inside it was a 3-D map of the United States inside. He picked up the globe, and while I watched, he flipped the map of the U.S. upside down. When he did this, dark things that looked like small cockroaches, spiders and other bugs began pouring out. I felt revulsion when I saw this (thinking “e-e-w-w”) as the dark creatures were pouring out.

But as I continued to watch, it changed; instead of bugs, gold dust began pouring out; it was beautiful and wonderful to see the golden flakes come out.

Then, the dream ended.

I believe that African and some other nations could soon be facing severe hunger, and that we need to pray and also if called to, give to help nations that may experience famine.  I believe it is important to research reputable organizations to give to, but this dream seems to show that there will be a time of famine overseas.

It also appears that the U.S. will be “shaken” to some degree; that dark things will be revealed as a result, but also that revival will come.  I do believe that the gold dust pouring out represents a coming great revival in the United States, greater than we have experienced even so far.

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