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The Emotionally Difficult Painting

I have a very close friend who is going through a very difficult time. Two months ago, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She asked me to go with her to her doctor visits, since I was a nurse for over 20 years, to help “translate” the medical jargon.

As we went to these visits and the procedures, such as two biopsies, CT scan, PET scan, and a barium study, I was dismayed to hear words like “invasive”, “Lymph node involvement”, “staging”, and “surgery”.

She is facing surgery to take out the site, and the lymph nodes on one side. Through the tears and prayers together, I felt led to paint her a picture of how Jesus feels about her during this time; to show His love and compassion.

As I painted it, the tears came; I realized that I desperately needed to know for myself that this is how He views her, His thoughts towards her.

I also shared with her about a church in Columbus, Ohio that has a healing ministry. We went down three weekends ago for healing prayer for her. Since then, to our joy and amazement, the lumps have been steadily diminishing in size! She went for a follow-up visit last week, and her doctor confirmed that the lumps were half the size, and he was quite surprised. Each day since, the lumps are getting smaller, and now they are almost impossible to find.

I am praying that before her scheduled surgery date, the cancer will be completely gone.

So, this was an emotionally difficult painting to do, but one that reflects my hearts. I pray this testimony will also encourage others who may be going through a difficult time.


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  1. What a lovely gesture! The painting is so apt for the circumstance. We pray for divine healing for your friend.

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