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  • Egret in Wetlands: acrylic painting

    Recently, I decided that a smartphone was not adequate for taking bird photos, so I decided to buy a DSLR (Canon) with an extender lens (until I can afford a real telephoto). I then became a bird stalker. Specifically, I began stalking one of the egrets who stays around a nearby marsh. Day by day,…

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  • Prophetic art: Wind in my Sails

    Yesterday, I did the weekly prophetic art time with my friend. I saw an image of a sailboat, so I painted this one from imagination; I put it on a lake with the water sparkling because I love it when the sun here does that. The painting is in acrylics. “Wind in My Sails”, acrylic…

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  • World’s Strangest Looking White Flower

    I decided to give myself a challenge, and paint a white flower that really does look like this. Okay, some of you will think “Darn, that’s an ugly flower” (like my friend did), but it was a great painting challenge, with lots of lights and darks. I used a limited palette (titanium white, ultramarine blue,…

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  • Yellow Tulips

    I brought home some yellow tulips the other day, and couldn’t resist painting them.

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  • Sunset Beach Painting

    I spent a couple of weeks in Vancouver, and loved it (especially the good coffee and riding the SkyTrain). Here’s a painting based on a few photos I took of one of the beaches there.  

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  • Faith 2

    Because I sold my “Faith” painting awhile back, I decided to repaint it, with a slightly different emphasis. Here is Faith 2: “Faith 2”, oil, 16 X 20, canvas wrap.

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  • Going Home (oil painting)

    I love horses, and worked on a horse ranch a few years ago. Here’s  a picture of a friend walking his horse (a Tennessee Walker) into the barn at the end of the day. “Going Home” oil, 16 X 20

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  • New Gallery

    I am very pleased that some of my art was accepted at Art Reach Center in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. They have some wonderful art there, and it’s well worth visiting if you are in the area. Kim, the Director, is very knowledgeable, and has her own art there. Yay! Now my art is at three…

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  • Yay! Sold Out and Other Great Stuff

    Okay, I’m very, very glad – my art cards have been selling well at local art galleries during the holidays, and today I sold out of one of the card lines (the blue jay – I should have made more!). I also created a profile and will have my art on the Saatchi Art Gallery online.…

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