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Yay! Sold Out and Other Great Stuff

Okay, I’m very, very glad – my art cards have been selling well at local art galleries during the holidays, and today I sold out of one of the card lines (the blue jay – I should have made more!). I also created a profile and will have my art on the Saatchi Art Gallery online.

I also sold two paintings this past month, and have two commissions. That’s all great news.

However, I have yet to make an online sale. So, I got to thinking…why? My guess is that if people actually SEE my art, they like it. I took some cards to a local craft fair the other day, to find out how to exhibit at the next one, and the response was gratifying: the person who oversees the show saw my cards, said “OMG! I have to go show these to the other folks here, these are amazing!” and then she proceeded to show them to her friends who liked them a lot, I got a commission that day as well.

So, I guess I will continue to work on offline sales. I do have a friend who is a professional photographer who is going to help me take actual decent photos of my paintings (you now, without all the glare and stuff that I can’t seem to figure out how to get rid of).

I would love to hear from other artists out there – is your experience like mine? Are you selling most of your works offline? What have you experienced in this area?

Well, the sales did make for a happy holiday!

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  1. You have a very nice WordPress blog, thanks for visiting mine today too, and keep up the very good work, your oil paintings are very good, color, composition excellent. Good luck in your relocating from Texas to Michigan, that reminds me when I moved from Mobile, AL to South Dakota, whew, that first winter was the snowiest and coldest in the nation, but I survived in-spite of all the fuss, just dress for warm. To answer your question I use eBay for my sales, not too much locally, we live in a very small community, less than 600 people, that might be counting a few bear, smile!!! If you go on eBay in the query box you can type my name Jim Springett, all my current art will be listed. I sell about 70 original oil paintings a year, and I did give ETSY a try last year, not one sale. I do not have time to try to figure out, so back to eBay. We live in NW WI so only a couple local events to sell and not one gallery. Keep painting and keep blogging, happy day.

    Jimmy Springett wildlife painter

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