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  • Art commission: Summer Beach, Lake Huron

    Recently, I was commissioned to paint the shores of Lake Huron to be a Christmas gift for someone who wanted this reminder of fun times with a friend this summer. This is late summer, with the goldenrod blooming (no birds, either!) This painting was done in acrylic, and I enjoyed painting it with my usual…

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  • Hummingbird in the Flowers

    Okay, I realized when I did this painting that it could seem a bit cliche; after all, there are so many hummingbird paintings out there. But I couldn’t resist painting this little ruby-throated that I saw drinking from the last of the summer flowers a few weeks ago, so I make no apologies. I think…

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  • Commission of Beach and flowers

    I recently completed a commission in which the client requested bright colors and a scene depicting the beach, the lake and flowers. I chose the scene from near a friend’s house and added Indian Paintbrush, which actually grows not far from the beach up here in Michigan. I added real sand and glitter to the…

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  • White Daffodils

    The daffodils have been in bloom for several weeks here in north Michigan. This is a painting I just completed, done in acrylics. I love these harbingers of spring, which I painted in my usual palette.

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  • Bouquet of Flowers: acrylic painting

    I love flowers, and decided to take a photo of some beautiful ones I saw at a friend’s house (with her permission). I found that acrylics are perfect for capturing the lights and dark values. The colors used were ultramarine blue; alizarin crimson; yellow ochre, Hansa Yellow, sap green, titanium white, burnt umber and burnt…

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  • Meadow Flowers: Learning Acrylics

    As noted before, I am starting to explore acrylics. I love the details and vibrant colors. Below is a 16 X 20″ painting on canvas wrap that I just finished, called “Meadow Flowers”. The actual painting is a lot more vibrant; someday I will learn how to do a proper photo. I used a limited…

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  • Yellow Tulips

    I brought home some yellow tulips the other day, and couldn’t resist painting them.

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