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On Giving Back

Birds and other wildlife depend upon clean water and safe a, like this marsh near Lake Huron

I believe that each of us has things that inspire us, concern us, and motivate us. These are the things that we are passionate about, the things that cause us to take time, effort and even donate money towards.
I have several things that qualify for the above. In this post, I want to share about one thing I strongly believe in: protecting habitat for wildlife and birds, and helping to educate the public. If we do not preserve our green parks, rivers, wetlands and other areas, soon the bird and wildlife populations will diminish.

Numerous species have gone on the endangered or threatened lists over the past century in part because few thought of the importance of being good stewards of our wildlife habitat. While the dangers of pesticides has been broadcast (and some species of birds brought back from the edge of extinction as their use was stopped), what other toxins are we pouring into our environment that could have a lasting impact on wildlife of all kinds?

For instance, what impact does noise pollution have on species that depend upon calling and hearing others of their species in order to breed and find food sources? Or housing developments that continue to encroach on and divide up former woods and fields – and disturb migratory patterns?
Will our children and grandchildren be able to hear the beautiful songs and observe the variety of birds that we can still see today? This in part depends upon our choices today, to actively work towards preserving habitat and healthy waterways.

What I Could Do
Because this is something I believe in, for the past year I have volunteered with the local wildlife sanctuary and am helping to promote the River Center that they hope to build. This will be a completely green center, and will be used to educate the public regarding the habitat and wildlife that live near the river here.

I have been the coordinator for their artist-in-residence program, helping to search for, select, and promote the artist-in-residence, as well as creating press releases. But lately, I have wanted to do more, so I have chosen to donate 5 percent of my art sales to the River Center program.
I believe in giving back, and this is one way to do so. I want our habitat and wildlife to be preserved for future generations, and this is a small way to help.

As we all take small steps to help, it can make a big difference!

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